By Scott on November 10th, 2020

Scott lying in his hospital bed after surgery on his legs.

I just had surgery on both my legs and left foot. I am mostly doing ok, but sometimes it’s hard. It was hard to decide to have surgery. I have had many surgeries, mostly on my eyes. I know all about what happens in surgery. I don’t like it and it’s not a fun experience. I chose the surgery because my legs hurt a lot. I wanted the pain to stop. I asked lots of questions. The doctor was very nice and helped me make my decision. I’m glad I chose surgery. It is what was needed.

My surgery was 3 days ago. I stayed in the hospital overnight. My mom stayed with me. I was ok with the hospital because I was in a nice room and my mom was there. I love my mom she read a book to me, we watched movies and she let me see the view of the city by taking a picture of it and showing me. Mom and I laughed about the things I did when I was still medicated. The things I can’t remember like doing push-ups and walking to the bathroom. It was ok at the hospital because I felt ok and I was having fun with mom. Dad too! I was allowed two parents sometimes because I’ve had so many operations. I think maybe also because of my anxiety. I needed my parents to help me with anxiety. It worked. I didn’t have an anxiety attack.

I am home now. Being at home is nice. But, I get lonely for my friends. I miss seeing people. My friend came and visited through the window it was amazingly awesome. I was so surprised. It made me extremely happy. I stopped feeling lethargic and got rid of the blahs. It helped me a lot. Sometimes I think my friends forget me during Covid. I was so happy to know she didn’t. I appreciate her friendship, we have been through a lot together. I have missed her. We all need the people who get you through things. The ones who know you . It’s hard when things change and people move away, or get busy. I don’t want my friends to feel they need to be with me all the time. Connecting is important though. Especially with Covid .

I chose two pink casts. I love pink. Pink feels fun. Yes, I think it makes me happy. I know some people judge boys and pink. That is silly it’s a colour not a declaration of anything. I think my casts are cool. Oh yes I do love them, well the colour. The rest is a pain.

I finished my school work early before surgery. I’m glad. I don’t feel well enough for school. I plan on playing trivia games and watching movies this week.

I’m happy I worked hard before my surgery. I think I’m excited for the next quarter to start. Instead of semesters it’s quarters because of Covid. Which means 2 courses for 10 weeks. It’s harder I think, it’s a lot of work in a short time. But I’ve done ok.

I know this post is possibly a mess. But I just needed to feel better through writing. I hope I don’t bore you.