Summer Waves

By Scott on July 15th, 2021

Scott sitting on his paddle board.

I have been busy. School was very good this year. I love online class with my classmates and teachers. I can see the lesson and hear the teacher clearly. It was the most accessible year I have ever had. Now, it is over. I really believe it’s the best way for me to learn. But, it is not what I’m allowed to do next year. I know many people didn’t like it. I loved it and now I’m told it can’t be done anymore. It’s like finding the right medication and then being told you can’t take it. I am upset, and I will miss chatting with teachers and classmates. Inclusion for me is not in a classroom, it’s being in class from another location so that it becomes accessible to me. I will be taking most of my courses next year online, the self guided isolated learning. I made this decision because I’m putting my education ahead of my want to be part of a class. I hope people start realizing inclusion in class doesn’t necessarily mean forced inside a classroom. Technology allows for options and we need to start adapting to teach kids how they learn best. I will be ok. I’m going to school in the morning for classes that are easier in person. I might join some school clubs, something to not be alone.

I’m having an awesome summer! I’m swimming and paddling lots. I’m volunteering with the Canadian Deafblind Association and taking History 12. I think I have a lot happening. It’s awesome. Oh, I have lazy days too. I’m excited to be a cousin again too! Think I’m scared to take a moment to try and get my anxiety under control. It’s been better. I’m learning how to calm myself. I feel summer just helps. If I stop and think I’m feeling good anxiety comes back. I’m just not going to think about it.

I think I’m wanting to do something special for my family. It’s been a long time of me having anxiety attacks it’s hard for my parents to see me upset. They have been trying to help me. It’s working but sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe because I don’t know what works when, they have to guess. Oh gosh I forgot I’m a little less able to communicate during an anxiety attack. So it’s hard to say or hear what I need to calm. They don’t give up and I think I will get myself feeling better and it’s already happening.

The first thing I plan on doing when I’m not nervous about Covid is a party for my family and friends. A 60s theme. I love the 60s. The Beetles, the Doors, Rolling Stones, the sound is awesome. Oh but I’m not sure about the food. We will find out it will be totally 60s. I like theme parties. I remember my parents dressing up lots, it looked fun. Oh my parties will have themes.

I can’t believe how much attention my book is getting. TV, Twitter and kids write me. It’s so awesome. I want to say thank you for all your support. I never dreamt that it would be this big. Please I’m wanting to let people know that if you don’t think you can do something, maybe you can, maybe you can’t but you can try. I’m ok with failure, it happens a lot. It just makes me try again or move on to new things. Don’t be scared to try.

Bye for now,