Something to Say

By Scott on April 21st, 2022

The last two days were the best two days of the past year. I attended a conference about deafblindness. It was an awesome experience. I have only been to conferences with families, never with those who work with students with deafblindness. It was awesome to listen to all the presentations, to meet many of them and to speak to people from my past. I learned so much. Inclusive design was what really stood out for me. The idea to ask people with disabilities about accessible design is something I believe should be a must. I understand it is not, as able-bodied people feel they know enough, even though they have no experience with accessibility needs. I was so excited to know that inclusive design is now being thought about in terms of students with deafblindness. I loved seeing what professionals discuss at these conferences. I am so happy people care about the impact that their work has on students that they are willing to spend time learning more.

I was really nervous about my presentation. I have never been on a stage like that. Sharing my thoughts about my experiences. I think I can honestly say it was an awesome experience. I was so amazed by the comments I received. I was shocked by the ovation after the questions and answers. I feel so much happiness, even with a stressful situation hanging over me today.

I am sharing my presentation below. I want to thank Mr. Robertshaw for narrating my words. This presentation is not intended to point out any one school or person. I have had positive and not so positive experiences at all my schools.

Thank you for understanding my absence in posting for awhile. Life has had different priorities.