Starting Now

By Scott on April 1st, 2020

Photo of Scott, smiling with blonde curly hair, wearing a blue sweatshirt with "Alpha" written on it.

I’m Scott, I am now 16 and I love being deafblind. I know that sounds odd, but I do. It’s who I am and I’m happy with me. Please if you are a parent let your child know they can be happy with whoever they are, deaf, deafblind, Down syndrome, hard of hearing, whatever it doesn’t matter. We can maybe just forget the past beliefs that people with disabilities can’t be happy.

I was the kid who people thought couldn’t communicate they treated me like a baby. I have a mom and dad who believe in me. They taught me to read taught me I’m great just as I am, taught me to type. Possibly they just got it. They understand I can be happy and smart. With my deafblind just part of me like my curly hair. You know I’m not afraid to stand up for me, I can do it with the right tools. I don’t think people get that they think I can’t because I don’t talk or sign very well. But I understand speech, I understand ASL, I can read. This is me it’s me typing this, I’ve figured out how I communicate. It’s not up to me to learn how the hearing world wants me to communicate. I need to have people understand this is what I can do. I don’t get why people think those who don’t have disabilities get to tell those who do how to communicate. It’s just a little inconvenient for you to have to wait while I type. It's impossible for me to talk or sign to you. Obvious to me who I would think should adjust.

I was not ok with how I fit Into the world, but I realize the world needs to change not me. You know I’m going to change the world. I know it, I’m starting now. Parents let your children know they can be happy, let them know you will adjust for them. Not the other way. You all will be happier. I love my parents for doing this. It is the best thing you can do for your child. Be the best you know it makes sense. I am not sure what I’ll be or how I’ll end up. But I’m happy, isn’t that the most important thing.