Friends and Family

By Scott on July 11th, 2020

Scott and his cousin play in the pool on a sunny day.

I had a fantastic day yesterday. My cousin went swimming with me at my grandparents pool. Our bubble includes my cousin. I’m so happy I missed my cousins. This virus is not good for kids, we need family. My mom got permission from my grandma to bring my cousin there. We swam for almost 4 hours. It possibly was the best day of the year. I laughed hard, it felt good. I love playing with my cousin. He is still young and he wants to know all the things I do. He asks lots of questions. I like it. I’m glad he wants to know. It’s better than not understanding. Kids have questions and it’s ok to have questions. It’s adults that say "don’t ask", but how do you know if you don’t ask. I’m not looking to get better at playing this game of pretending not to notice adults hushing kids. Let them ask. I want them to know. If they know they will be perhaps more understanding and comfortable around people who are disabled. I think I love my family for being open to my needs. It’s better for me to tell them if I need something brighter or louder or whatever instead of just sitting uncomfortable. I possibly would just not keep seeing them if I didn’t think they understand me. Oh, I have a good family.

I have good friends too. Those who ask questions about me, get to know me and then we have so much fun. It was the first year I could communicate with my friends at school. Oh it was awesome. Plus I have my friends in Seattle, I think they have been like the best. I have my parents friends who treat me just like their friend. We go paddling and to restaurants. Oh my mom's ringette team just were so fun too. They all just get me or don’t care that I have different needs. I just like being with them they all like everyone and have so much fun. I think people should just be like them, be happy with your friends and treat everyone with respect. Oh, I forgot I have a very good intervenor, she is awesome, she possibly is the greatest. School I need assistance with moving around and hearing and seeing school work. She just gets me. It is hard to build trust and understanding with an Intervenor. It took a long time for us to understand each other but now it works. I hope I can finish school working with her it will take too much time to get to know a new intervenor to finish school with my friends. Oh, and she is who I need to be a better independent adult.

I just miss seeing all my friends. The virus really has been the worst for human contact. We will get there, but be patient. Let’s do this right, we need each other. I think we can learn from this. Remember how being alone makes you feel and next time you see someone pushed away because they are different, include them. Don’t let people feel alone. Let’s treat everyone like our potential new friend.