Poetic Devices

By Scott on March 14th, 2021

My Dog Calvin, lying on the floor with longing eyes.

Thank you everyone for the awesome support of my book. I love the drawings and notes from kids that I have been receiving. I have had a chance to reconnect with people from my past and meet new people. I’m so excited for the next year. I just got really scared I might not be able to write another book. I wasn’t expecting the success I’ve had with “A Bee's Journey”. I think that made me worried I wouldn’t be successful again. I know it’s silly, but it was really a possibility in my mind that this was my successful moment in my life. I have been working hard to help myself get over the anxiety of future failures. I know my life is just starting and I can make it.I have been working hard at school. I love learning and I know learning is important to future success. I feel much better. I don’t know the future but nobody does and thats ok. That is life and that makes it exciting. Ok, it’s scary but it’s also awesome. You can change the things you are doing at anytime if you need to. Just don’t think you are stuck in a spot if you are unhappy. Oh if you feel that way there is help. It’s ok to ask for help, big or small. I did and I will again I’m sure. It’s not failure it’s shows your strength to advocate for yourself. You deserve to feel good.

My dog Calvin got sprayed by a skunk again. He was so sad. I felt bad for him, but oh he was smelly. I am glad he smells better now. I think he is too.

I just got a idea about sharing poems on this blog. Poetry is an awesome way for me to get ideas out. I’m going to share a couple of poems. The poem “A Bad Day”, I was playing with alliteration and imagery. Alliteration is hard for me I don’t hear it properly but I understand what it is. The poem “Dying is My First Memory” is a rhyme pattern that means a lot to me.

My Poems

A Bad Day

Lucky me living the luxurious life
In my compost bin.
Safe slithering through slime and mud.
Food scraps dropped in daily.
Pineapple, pickles, spinach and pears
Strawberries, lettuce, avocados and radishes.
A worm’s dream.

The lid opens once a day.
Food drops in and sometimes a little cardboard.
Then the bin is closed up tight.
A protected place from predators.
My home is a worm’s dream.
Everything is impeccable, a perfect existence.

A sliver of sunshine! New food on its way.
I’m wanting watermelon today.
Wait, what is happening?

The claw that drops the bucket of
Delectable daily dinner,
Is reaching in my bin.
A tornado of dirt is fast approaching as the
Claw tosses the salad of rotting vegetables,
Fruit and soil.
My clew of worms are being plucked
from the sanctuary of the bin.

I dive down deep into the dirt.
Dodging in different directions.
Desperately trying to avoid
The grasp reaching to rip me from
My oasis.

Suddenly a coldness shudders through me
as I’m freed from my protective
Shield of compost.
I shoot through the air and slam
Down onto a skittering mass of
Frenzied friends.

Swaying, I try and feel my way around.
My skin hits the cold tin of the pail.
Sunlight is warm on my back.
I think the air is changing.

Abruptly, the bucket bangs to the ground.
Are we here? It must be the giant compost heap
heaven that all worms dream of.
It must be, What else could it be?

The claw reaches down and roughly grabs me.
I’m pierced quickly as if Poseidon’s trident
Has been plunged through my body.
Squirming as hard as I can, I try to become two.
The steel’s grip not letting go.
I fly through the air and dive down into water.
No, this isn’t good. I flounder frantically. I feel
something, someone, coming near.
I .....

Dying Is My First Memory

The baby’s first breath
Almost his last
A baby remembers death
Can they recall the past?

Maybe not clearly
Maybe not a memory to recall
A sensation felt dearly
The sun’s warmth breaking through rainfall

A feeling it stays
Like a torch in the heart
For all of my days
It will never part

A happiness without compare
An Angel by my side
Why is it there?
A heavenly guide

Death was near
It touched my soul
It wasn’t to fear
It made me whole

The love of a parent
Who almost wasn’t
No deeper love will ever be
Death thank you for letting go