Moms are Awesome

By Scott on

Scott with his Mom.

What is possible?
Would you wish for another person to be

Would you give up your career, your friends, your leisure
To give another person a chance of success?
Would you give up your dreams
To help someone in need?
Would you spend your entire day focused on a person
Who everyone else gave up on?
Would you give up new clothes,
Sports, hair cuts, and workouts to
Take someone else to do those things?
Would you be happy knowing life is short
And you are living another person’s dream?

Mom who will never be paid
For doing what school employees
Didn’t do.
Mom who is always there, teaching, cooking, driving, organizing,
All moms give up some of their life
to share a connection with their kids.
My mom stopped her life.
She knew I was needing more.
She knew I was capable if given the chance.
She knew I was worth all her time.
She knew I would succeed if I had more.
She knew she would lose a part of herself.
She did not hesitate.

My mom is why I am me.
Every single thing I have ever been successful at,
Or failed at,
She was there.
I promise I will always work hard
To be deserving of her time.
I want people to be able
To see her as the hero she is.
I am proud to say she is my mom.