Time for a Breath

By Scott on April 22nd, 2023

Scott on a boat with his family.

I am going to watch movies and tv, have fun playing games, sleep in, paddle, and walk around. So basically I am in recovery mode. I’m just a little bit tired of all the pressure of school and I am excited to say that I’m done all the hard stuff. I will graduate with honours and I’m going to continue into post secondary education when I’m ready. I’ve been accepted into the university I want to attend, but I’m tired. I’m really really tired. The last three and a half years have been awesome, but also so stressful. I’m not sure you realize I have been working so much on academics, but also on my emotional health. Not communicating well most of my life has left me with so many questions and observations that I have not had the opportunity to discuss. I’ve been able to talk about it now, so I will try to explain. I’m trying not to waste time on unnecessary stuff but I don’t want to miss anything. Basically I have spent so many hours talking to people about the past. The good, bad, scary and amazing. All of the memories that make up 14 years in my lifetime. Surgeries, Disneyland, school, moving, stuff that happened. I’m sure you get it. Anyways I’m now trying to move forward. I have addressed most of my memories with laughter and tears. I have finished high school. I am now going to take a break. I’m going to try to relax and work on the future. I’m ready to move on.

I have a lot of stuff happening, but it’s been an amazing experience, unlike school. I will share more details soon. Today I slept in, wrote a note and then I am going for a walk. That’s it, nothing else, and I am so happy for that. On days like today, it's important to not become overwhelmed. I hope whatever is happening in your life, that you are able to have time to recharge.

I am very grateful for all the love I feel and I am particularly thankful for my family. The best part of my life is being able to talk about anything and everything with my parents. I just want people to understand that they are tired too. They have worked hard and they deserve time off too. I hope they get it soon. This will be a good day for me, but my dad has to work, and my mom has so many responsibilities. I need to take a moment to say congratulations on 20 years of marriage and I want you to have some fun. You are my world, and I’m happy to have you. I hope one day I can get you back to the world of where work and play are both possible. What you have done for me will always be remembered.